KingsCraft Launches Underrated Club: India's Premier Streetwear Brand

KingsCraft Launches Underrated Club: India's Premier Streetwear Brand

KingsCraft Online Brands Private Limited pioneers a new era in Indian fashion with the launch of Underrated Club, the country's premier streetwear fashion brand. Co-founded by entrepreneurs Abhishek Teri and Kartik Anand, Underrated Club marks a significant milestone in the e-commerce and retail landscape by introducing streetwear fashion that resonates with individuality, uniqueness and authenticity for Indian consumers. 

Positioning itself as an affordable luxury brand, Underrated Club emerges as a beacon of style, presenting a fusion of bold creativity and premium quality in its diverse collections. With a mission to redefine self-expression through fashion, the brand caters to individuals who seek uniqueness, comfort, and uncompromising style with their graphic tees and versatile denim.

Abhishek Teri, Co-founder, Underrated Club, said, "At URC we are redefining luxury streetwear by merging timeless elegance with modern urban flair. Our creations are a celebration of individuality, crafted with precision and a deep commitment to quality. We believe that true luxury lies in the details, and each piece we design is a testament to this philosophy. Join us on a journey where sophistication meets street style, and where every garment is a statement of refined taste and bold expression."

The signature offerings of Underrated Club include Underrated Originals, the flagship collection, which is a testament to the brand's spirit of boldness and creativity. Featuring seasonal designs, striking graphics, and innovative silhouettes, this collection is tailored for trendsetters and fashion-forward individuals who dare to stand out.

Their second signature collection includes Underrated Classics. This collection is for those who value timeless style, the Underrated Classics collection offers essential wardrobe staples. Emphasizing versatility and durability, these pieces are crafted to withstand the test of time, providing enduring style for every occasion.

Kartik Anand, Co-founder, Underrated Club, said, "India is home ground for us and we are extremely bullish and confident about the prospects of the developing economy of our country. URC brings a unique take on fast fashion-forward dressing and it will continue to evolve keeping the youth and younger customers in mind.” He adds, “URC is ready to unleash our initial collection and various other ranges in the coming months. We are working on bringing other elements of fashion into our portfolio of products."

Currently, Underrated Club operates through its online platform, providing a seamless shopping experience through its user-friendly website. Soon, the brand plans to expand its presence across premium leading e-commerce platforms. Additionally, Underrated Club is exploring opportunities to establish a physical presence through strategic partnerships with retailers, pop-up stores, and the opening of flagship stores in key metropolitan cities.

Underrated Club is committed to catering to the streetwear fashion market in India and beyond. With a steadfast focus on innovation, collaboration, and conscious consumerism, the brand sets the stage for a future where style and individuality intersect, empowering individuals to express themselves boldly.

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